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J&Q delivers a full range of solutions based on Microsoft’s SharePoint platform and related technologies. Our solutions allow our customers to take full advantage by availing following services.

Enable Collaboration

– With increasingly disparate teams of people, both internal and external to the organization, businesses require a place where they can easily and securely share information.

Find & Use Knowledge

– When too much information gets spread across the entire organization, businesses need a tool to best leverage the knowledge that they already have (Knowledge Management), to decrease the amount of redundant information created and to manage the constantly changing flow of information

Automate Business Processes

– Instead of wasting time dealing with manual paper-based business processes, organizations need an automated system that promotes transparency and simplifies workflow.

Manage Business Performance

–Use the information that you have to make better and faster business decisions.

Our SharePoint-based Information Worker solutions help reduce information uncertainty and improve the overall performance of people and organizations.

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28/17 Kilbenny St, Kellyville Ridge, NSW, Australia.
P: +61 404 531 970