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Learning administration made easy:

Catalog, schedule, manage and track all types of learning activities including: classroom, seminars, webinars, and trainings. Easily administer registrations and withdrawals with auto-enrollment and auto-withdrawal functionality, waiting lists, cancellations, bulk enrollments, and instructor assignments – all from a central training management software interface. Then, report on training hours, course progress, course completion and scores, and more.

Engage employees in their learning and career development:

Gives employees’ one place to manage their performance and learning, and help them take responsibility for their career development. Together with their managers, employees can collaboratively create the right development plans and establish a path to improved performance and career progression over time. They can easily update development plan status, request new training and launch learning activities from the same place they access all their talent management tasks.

Track training status and impact through real-time reporting:

Keep track of progress and performance with easy-to-use web-based reports. View consolidated, detailed information on employee development plans and related training employee activities. Analyze competency gaps and create targeted employee training programs to address them. Determine training effectiveness and ROI by tracking improved performance of competencies.

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